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18 Beautiful Types Of Blue Flowers Available In India

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18 Beautiful Types Of Blue Flowers Available In India

Blue flowers are normally uncommon, as the color that produces blue is generally scant, so generally “blue” flowers are typically purple or violet. Blue flowers are perhaps the most extraordinary flowers found on the planet. It passes on a message of adoration and furthermore of incomparable battle to arrive at the apex. Blue flowers make an insightful state of mind by the excellence of its cooling and quieting impact. Simultaneously, it is accepted that blue flowers delay digestion and hunger. Because blue flowers are so unusual, we only send select types of blue flowers, such as hydrangeas, blue iris, and certain types of daisies.


What Does The Blue Flowers Mean?


Blue is a shading which addresses a wide scope of things. It is firmly connected with erudition as well as otherworldliness. Blue can be a troublesome shading to track down normally happening in flowers. Fortunately huge sprouts like Hydrangea offer light, sky-blue petals and Irises can bloom in works of art, illustrious blue.  Blue flower  represents love, knowledge, trust, and certainty. Since it represents such countless things, it settles on an exceptionally appealing decision with regards to plants.


Notwithstanding which developing zone you live in, there is certain to be a bloom that will meet your nursery’s requirements. Look below to study  about sun and soil needs just as a developing tip for each shade of blue.


18 Most Beautiful Blue Flowers Ideas For Home


Flowers are one of the most superb regular marvels of the earth. Blue flowers represent unwaveringly, trust, insight, intelligence, truth, confidence and certainty and give a feeling of steadiness, certainty, trustworthiness and security.They can not be anything more rich and serene than flowers on this planet. For a very long time, this gift of nature has assisted us with communicating sentiments and feelings. A simple glance at these shaded flowers lifts our spirits and welcomes a smile on your face. Here are a portion of the 20 Best Blue Flower Available in India.


  1. Blue hydrangea Flower
  2. Delphinium Flower
  3. Blue Dandelion Flower
  4. Blue Grape Hyacinth Flower
  5. Blue Clematis Flower
  6. Bluestar Flower
  7. Blue Bellflower
  8. Balloon Flower
  9. Blue Aster Flower
  10. Blue Morning Glories Flower
  11. Blue Impatiens Flower
  12. Blue Iris Flower
  13. Violet Flower
  14. Blue Hibiscus Flower
  15. Blue orchids Flower
  16. Ipomoea Flower
  17. Blue Daisy Flower
  18. Forget Me Not Flower


1. Blue Hydrangea


1 Blue Hydrangea, Stylebets


Blue hydrangea is a totally stunning bloom. Some blue hydrangeas come in clear and striking tones, while some are in unpretentious shades like powder blue or sky blue. The shades of blue fluctuate as indicated by the alkalinity of the dirt. Blue hydrangea blossoms pass on a sincere and unmistakable inclination of affection when given as a gift. The blue hydrangea is its very own class. Consequently, it is viewed as one of the most amazing blue blossom plants.


Soil Needs :- Well-drained,moist


Daylight Needs :- Full/Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 4-9


Flower Tips:- Increasing the acidity of the soil with assistance your hydrangeas turn a more clear blue


2. Delphinium


2 Delphinium, Stylebets


Delphinium flowers come in the absolute most genuine shades of blue tone. This dolphin flower represents fun, levity, impassioned connection and large hearted in the language of flowers.It additionally shows varieties in shading like pink, white, and purple. They incline toward damp conditions and can likewise draw in butterflies. 


Soil Needs :- Well-depleted


Daylight Needs :- Full/Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 3-7


Flowers Tips:- Assortments to hold these transcending sprouts back from         overturning.


3. Blue Dandelion


3 Blue Dandelion, Stylebets


Dandelion flower is related with adoration, affection, and compassion while the blue dandelion flower addresses satisfaction and peacefulness. Dandelion is a famous flower in fables and legends and has been emblematic in an assortment of societies. These flowers are local to Europe and Asia however are currently accessible broadly across the world.


Soil Needs :- Moist


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun


Developing Zones :- 3-7


Flower Tips:- It is additionally used to make wine. It utilizes the field of medication too.


4. Blue Grape Hyacinth Flower


4 Blue Grape Hyacinth Flower, Stylebets


This flower is an extremely delightful and extraordinary bulb molded sprout which fills in bunches in mid spring. They are found in purple, white and yellow assortments. Grape hyacinth represents consistency and trust.They are additionally accessible in purple, yellow and white assortments. 


Soil Needs :- Well-depleted


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun/Partial Shade


Developing Zones :- 4-8


Flower Tips:- This flower is traditionally combined with yellow daffodils.


5. Blue Clematis Flower


5 Blue Clematis Flower, Stylebets


Clematis is a blossoming climber plant that is for the most part utilized for decorative reasons. The meaning of clematis is mental ability. The blue flower clematis means reliability, resourcefulness and courage. The Clematis is a climber plant which is utilized fundamentally for decorative purposes. There are different assortments of this plant which are ice blue and Arbella.  Its tones differ from white to wine red, lavender to profound purple.


Soil Needs :- Well-drained,Moist


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun


Growing Zones :- 3-9


Flower Tips:- Clematis combines well with climbing roses.


6. Bluestar Flower


6 Bluestar Flower, Stylebets


Blue star flower is an ideal blue flower for gardens. It flowers in clear blue bunches on greenish yellow foliage. It means immovability and friendship. The Bluestar plant produces groups of star-formed flowers in pre-summer. Towards the finish of the period, the foliage becomes yellow. Bluestar flowers can grow up to 2-3 feet. It relies upon its developing conditions.


Soil Needs :- Well-depleted


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun/Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 3-9


Flower Tips:- Bluestar is heat, dry spell, deer and hare safe


7. Blue Bellflower


7 Blue Bellflower, Stylebets


Bellflowers are brilliant or bell formed flowers that sprout in a few shadings like violet pink, purple and white. It boasts the most eye-catching blue flowers. This is a pearl dark blue cup molded flower with light yellow places. Its dark green foliage supplements the blue tone finely. The flower symbol is related to  lowliness, consistency and appreciation. Bell flowers are likewise identified with the domain of fairies.


Soil Needs :- Well-drained


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun


Growing Zones :- 3-9


Flower Tips:- The more drawn out stemmed assortments make incredible cut flowers.


8. Balloon Flower


8 Balloon Flower 500x500, Stylebets


Balloon flowers are swell formed buds that open to lovely blue, pink or white molded sprouts with striking red pistils. This flower can be utilized best for decoration purposes. It represents love, dutifulness and trustworthiness and hence, makes an optimal gift too.


Soil Needs :- Well-drained,Moist


Daylight Needs :- Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 3-6


Flower Tips:- Keep the soil of young plants moist but not waterlogged at all times.


9. Blue Aster Flower


9 Blue Aster Flower, Stylebets


Aster is the last plant to blossom in a year and come in colors like red, purple, blue, pink, yellow and white. The flower imagery related with asters is humility, love and harmony.  It is additionally fit for drawing in butterflies and honey bees. Aster blue flowers are great for filling at harvest time.


Soil Needs :-Well- Drained Soil


Daylight Needs :- Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 3-9


Flower Tips:-Asters are likewise accepted to have healing properties.


10. Blue Morning Glories Flower


10 Blue Morning Glories Flower, Stylebets


Morning glory is a saucer molded blossom that sprouts in colors like blue, yellow, purple, red and pink. This star formed flower is suitably named morning glory as the flower sprouts during the day and kicks the bucket before sun-down. These flowers represent love and love. These are utilized for decorative reasons in weddings and gatherings. 


Soil Needs :- Well-drained


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun


Growing Zones :- 3-10


Flower Tips:– Be patient. Morning Glories require a couple of months to blossom and need full sun.


11. Blue Impatiens Flower


11 Blue Impatiens Flower, Stylebets


The Impatiens blossom principally comes in two assortments. One assortment has a level molded flower while the other has orchid formed flowers.  In the bygone era impatiens flowers were called ‘Our Lady’ Earring’. This flower represents adoration and affection.


 Soil Needs :- Well-drained soil


Daylight Needs :- Full Sun


Growing Zones :-4-9


Flower Tips:- This plant is extremely touchy in nature.


12. Blue Iris Flower


12 Blue Iris Flower, Stylebets


Iris flower is related with confidence,  trust and courage. Iris blue flower was utilized in bygone eras In the Mary Gardens. The cutting edge formed foliage of this blossom indicates distresses which pierce the heart. Iris has been perceived as the moving soul of the late-spring for its various shadings. Its rippling petals regularly help me to remember butterfly wings fluttering delicately in the breeze. Iris flowers develop on appealing, grass-like leaves. The flashy blossoms show up in May and flourish well into June. We utilize the blue iris in assortment of our flower bundles in blend with different blossoms, like roses and lilies.


Soil Needs :- Moist


Daylight:- Full Sun/Partial Shade


Growing Zones:- 3-9


Flower Tip :- Irises are moderately low support, yet love wet feet. They develop best close to lakes or streams.


13. Blue Violet Flower


13 Blue Violet Flower, Stylebets


Violet is a blue shaded flower representing affection, watchfulness, love and satisfaction. Violets are edible blossoms that are unexpectedly utilized in pastries white its petals are utilized to embellish plates of mixed greens and sweets. It is likewise plentiful in nutrients. 


Soil Needs :- Moist


Daylight:- Full Sun or Partial Shade


Growing Zones:- 3-9


Flower Tip :- For the best results, choose a window that faces north or east. Plants should be kept away from cold glass and the pot should be rotated once a week to ensure that all leaves receive light.


14. Blue Hibiscus Flower


14 Blue Hibiscus Flower, Stylebets


Blue Hibiscus flowers are uncommon to be found and look extraordinary in shape and shading. Hibiscus in everyday life represents fragile beauty while its blue assortment represents profundity, limitlessness, peacefulness and unexplainable wonder. It can likewise be found in different tones like violet, purple or white.


Soil Needs :- light well drained soil


Daylight Needs :- Partial Shade


Growing Zones :- 4-9 


Flower Tips:- It represents its sensitive nature while the blue flower tone represents profundity, quietness and mystifying wonder


15. Blue Orchids Flower


15 Blue Orchids Flower, Stylebets


Orchids are profoundly desired blossoms that address beauty, extravagance and strength. Blue orchids are incredibly lovely flowers and are fit for drawing in even people who don’t see the value in blossoms a lot.  Blue orchids represent serenity and are related with the profound and immense sea for its blue and white tone. These blossoms address fragile excellence, power and steadiness.


Soil Needs :-Peat moss, Rock wool, Fir bark


Daylight Needs:- 21 -29 celsius


Growing Zones:- 6-9


Flower Tip :- Their glorious blossoms draw in many individuals even the people who don’t care for blossoms that much.


16. Morning Glory Flower


16 Morning Glory Flower, Stylebets


The morning glory flower is known for its tremendous trumpet-molded petals and deep shading. With a rich green background, it genuinely stands apart from the group. These blossoms are regularly found in bunches. They show incredible growth and can grow promptly.


Soil Needs :- Moist and Well-drained


Daylight Needs :- Full sun


Growing Zones :- 2-11


Flower Tips:- Select a location that is protected from strong, drying winds. Allow them to climb a fence, lattice, or trellis.


17. Blue Daisy Flower


17 Blue Daisy Flower, Stylebets


The blue daisy is genuinely lovely because of its novel flowers. It seems like a periphery encompassed by yellow and green. It is a symbol of straightforwardness, appreciation and worship. It is fit for drawing butterflies.


Soil Needs :- Rich and Well-drained


Daylight Needs :- Full sun


Growing Zones :- 8-11


Flower Tips:- Once the plant has established itself and is displaying robust new growth, only a light watering is required.


18. Forget Me Not Flower


18 Forget Me Not Flower, Stylebets


The Forget Me Not is named after the common misconception that their darlings could always remember wearers of this flower. Accordingly, it represents love and recognition. Yellow stamens enhance its blue flowers. They are additionally tracked down pink in shading. In the fifteenth century, individuals nailed the blossoms to their dress in the hopes that they would not be forgotten by the one they adored. 


Soil Needs :- Moist and Well-drained


Daylight Needs :- Full sun


Growing Zones :- 5-9


Flower Tips:- Forget-me-nots thrive in cool weather and locations with moderate summer temperatures.

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